Голландская экспедиция 1799 г.

Военная история 2-й половины 18 века

Wargame Vault

General Order after the Battle of Bergen, 2nd October, 1799.

General Order issued by the Duke of York after the Battle of Bergen, 2nd October, 1799.

“ Head-Quartbrs at Alkmaar, Oct. 5th "

Parole—'Alkmaar'; Countersign—‘St. George’.

His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief desires to express to the army his warmest thanks for the steady and persevering gallantry of their conduct in the general action of the 2nd instant, to which alone is to be ascribed the complete victory gained over the enemy, under circumstances of the greatest difficulty.

His Royal Highness feels it particularly incumbent on him to offer his best thanks to General Sir Ralph Abercromby, Lieutenant-General Dundas, and Major-General Emm£, who commanded and led the right, centre, and left divisions of the army to the attack; as also to Lieutenant-General Hulse, for the assistance he afforded to Sir Ralph Abercromby; and thinks it no less his duty to place on record the names of the following general officers and brigades of British, who had an opportunity of contributing to the success of that ever memorable and distinguished day:—

1st Colonel Lord Paget, commanding the British cavalry, consisting of the 7th, 11th, and 15th Regiments of Light Dragoons.

2nd. Major-General D'Oyley's brigade, consisting of Grenadiers of the Guards and 3rd battalion 1st Regiment of Guards.

3rd. Major-General Burrard's brigade, consisting of 1st battalion Coldstream Guards and 1st battalion 3rd Regiment of Guards.

4th. Major-General Coote's brigade, consisting of 2nd (or Queen's), 27th, 29th, and 85th Regiments of Foot

5th.—Major-General Moore's brigade, consisting of 2nd battalion of the Royals, 25th, 49th, 79th, and 92nd Regiments.

6th. Major-General Hutchinson's brigade, consisting of 1st and 2nd battalions 20th Regiment, and 63rd Regiment.

7th. Major-General Lord Chatham's brigade, consisting of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd battalions 4th Regiment, and 31st Regiment

8th. Colonel Macdonald, commanding the Grenadiers of the Line, the Light Infantry of the Line, and the 23rd and 55th Regiments of Foot.

9th. Major-General Knox, attached during the day to the Russian column, and afterwards sent, in consequence of Major-General Moore's being wounded, to take the command of his brigade.

His Royal Highness likewise desires to express his satisfaction at the conduct of Lieutenant-Colonel Whitworth and Major Judson, attached to General Sir Ralph Abercromby's column, and also to Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, commanding the artillery of the wing under Lieutenant-General Dundas."

"Campaign in Holland, 1799"; by A Subaltern. L. 1861


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