The printable files for historical wargame

The buildings models and battlemats.

WargamePrint special offer to Clubs & Multi Wargamers! The Battle mats files collection. More than 50 surface images / 20 sizes -20%
The Battlemat (064) White Desert plain

Historical wargame building models by PDF file format, which you can print by yourself. After that you have to cutout the parts and stick together them. The models are 28mm (and less), 1/72th, 6mm scale.

You can order design of historical wargame battlemats of various subjects. Battlemats can be any size and any scale. You will be able to print it on any matter (paper, PVC film, fabric...).

WargamePrint sells sceneries, gaming mats and paper buildings to download, print and assemble.

You can find items from 6 to 28 mm here.

It's light weight and easy to manipulate, store...


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Fbr 21, 2019

The Battlemat (bd004) Lava's Inferno. 6ft x 4ft. The Battlemat (bd004) Lava's Inferno

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Mar 05, 2018

Berlin'85 (ttm01)

Berlin'85 (ttm01)

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