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WargamePrint special offer to Clubs & Multi Wargamers! The Battle mats files collection. More than 50 surface images / 20 sizes -20%
Just Paper Battles Napoleonics - 2,5d Modular Wargames System

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If you want to order the ready to plotter print file, send me the letter with the indication of Name/No, please. You can use this document for order. For specification of No you can use the PDF-catalog.

Also you can look new products at the News Page.

The ready for print files

915 x 915 mm (3ft x 3ft) - $6.45

1200 x 1200 mm (4ft x 4ft) - $8.50 (any area from 6x4 files)

1800 x 1200 mm (6ft x 4ft) -$11.20

More detail here.